About us

Platform ACCT (Platform Labour Market Cultural and Creative Future) is the sole national platform in The Netherlands working specifically to promote the resilience and economic position of the cultural and creative sectors and the professionals who work within them. The organisation was founded in January 2020 to implement the Arbeidsmarktagenda, an “Agenda for working conditions in the cultural and creative sector” based on a series of recommendations presented by the sector itself on the basis of multiple independent reports (i.e. Council for Culture, Social and Economic Council).

The goal of Platform ACCT is to improve the position of professionals working in the cultural and creative sectors by permanently strengthening the social dialogue (between employers, employees and self-employed) within the industry. Our projects focus on three main strands. The first is to increase the earning capacity of the sector as a whole and income for professionals working within it. Second, to invest in professionalisation, education and lifelong learning. And last but not least, Platform ACCT wants to improve labour rules and working conditions for all professionals in the sector.

We work in a classic 'arms length' model and although we are directly funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW), we maintain our status as an independent network organisation working in close collaboration with the various (national) institutions which represent the different areas of the cultural and creative sectors. With our focus on working conditions, we also work closely with both trade unions and employers’ associations to ensure a better deal for cultural and creative professionals.


The Platform ACCT team consists of:

Sjoerd Feitsma (director)
Wim Kronemeijer (secretary)
Hester Swaving (project coordinator)
Nancy van Oorschot (communications)
Anne Marie ’t Hart (coordination social dialogue)
Rogier Wennink (project leader DigiPACCT HR network)
Martin Verboom (project leader PPO)


For inquiries, more information or your thoughts on our work: don’t hesitate to contact us via info@platformacct.nl.


Voor meer informatie Platform Arbeidsmarkt Culturele en Creatieve Toekomst kun je contact opnemen met secretaris Wim Kronemeijer via info@platformacct.nl

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